A little bit about my streams...

I started broadcasting myself live over the internet in May of 2020 through the livestreaming platform 'Twitch'. While Twitch is primarily known as a livestreaming website for gaming, I quickly found my place in the Art community amongst other talented creatives. 

I began to stream solely as a way to inspire and enable people to paint, and it unexpectedly turned into an incredible social experience for myself and others. Streams allow me to chat with viewers live, worldwide, about anything and everything - shows and movies we're watching, hobbies and interests we're exploring, and current news/pop culture. Now, we have a welcoming and wholesome community of over 3,000 'buns' who gather in my streams to connect with me, and one another, multiple times a week. 

With the growth of my community, my streaming content has also changed. While continuing to primarily stream myself painting, you may tune into my Twitch channel and find me playing through a new game with viewers, doodling in my bullet journal, or attempting high energy/chaos-filled activities for a community milestone or achievement.

New to the concept of 'Twitch' and live streaming?

Tuning in is easy! Simply visit me at twitch.tv/erinbunpaints any time during my streaming schedule (updated weekly). Watching and chatting is free with the creation of a Twitch account, and you can be notified when I go live if you 'Follow' my channel. It's your choice whether you want to casually watch and throw me on in the background, or fully participate in chatting with me and the community. Just remember: everyone is new to Twitch at one point! Don't hesitate to ask questions, we all want to help you have the best experience possible on Twitch and while watching my channel.

Making an effort to watch me live is a huge way to help me grow and become discovered by others on the platform - more viewers means a higher chance that others will find my channel and join the bun community! While streaming is something I choose to do for free, viewers have the option to support me financially by paying a monthly subscription fee through Twitch, subscribing for free using Amazon Prime, celebrating with 'bits', or tipping in their local currency - a notification even appears so I can thank viewers while I'm live! 

Thank you to those who tune in and/or go the extra mile to support me financially in this lil piece of my overall vision and mission. ✧.*