Custom Acrylic Paintings

COMMISSIONS QUE: OPEN (booking for late August)

Read below to learn more about what I can offer, the commission process, and pricing; when you're ready, please fill out this form to submit your commission request! 

What I Can Offer

Vibrant, semi-realistic re-envisionings of natural concepts 

  • bright colours amongst an extensive colour palette
  • high contrast of lights and darks
  • mixing thick textures with soft blends

While I'm not limited to this list, my strongest works and previous commissions often fall under the following:  

  • nature: greenery, florals, trees
  • landscapes: mountains, beaches, snow, fields
  • elements: water/waves, rain, light
  • skies: clouds, sunsets, galaxies, moons/planets, space
  • animals: dogs, cats, birds 

To ensure I'm the right artist for you, I always recommend checking out my Instagram to get an idea of my personal style and capabilities as an artist.

Please kindly seek another artist if the focus of your piece is any of the following:

  • detailed human portrait
  • scientifically accurate animal
  • detailed architecture or vehicles
  • recreations of copyrighted works and other IP


Commission Process

1. Submit commission request form 

  • Prepare commission details, including (if applicable): 
    • General description of subject matter/design
    • Canvas size
    • Photo references 
    • Budget
    • Timeline/due date
  • Fill out online form here

2. Email consultation

  • Estimated cost and timeline
  • Discussion surrounding design layout, colour palette, other relevant details (rough digital sketch/mockup provided when necessary)

3. Confirmation and payment

  • Approve final design, cost, and timeline
  • 50% deposit required before purchasing supplies and beginning painting creation

4. Painting Creation

  • Further communication as needed for clarifications and confirmations
  • Progress photos shared closer to end of process for final tweaks and adjustments 

5. Shipping and Delivery

  • Final 50% of amount due to be paid 
  • Painting safely packaged and shipped with tracking included
  • Delivery reminder/check-in 


Current Base Price: $170 CAD
for canvases sized 10 x 10 and smaller, shipping not included

Artwork is very personal and something which I can't price based on canvas size or general subject matter alone. I value my projects individually, taking time to understand what each client is looking for and ensuring the price fairly reflects my devotion of time and labour to creating their custom piece. 

Cost Breakdown

There's a lot more that goes into pricing a project aside from 'time spent painting'. I want to ensure your entire ordering process is a positive and memorable experience from start to finish - it should be a special and stress-free journey to have a custom piece of art made just for you! Consideration of the costs broken down below make this possible.

Although exact amounts differ from project to project, here's what I account for when pricing a commissioned piece: 


Prompt email responses, design/layout comprehension and completion 


Canvas, paint, other custom mediums

Studio Overhead

Equipment (easel, brushes, lighting), website and admin fees, technology upkeep


Craft paper, bubble wrap, tissue, boxes


Postage, travel to and from shipping facility
Company Costs Applicable tax rates, business fees
Time spent growing and expanding my skills to provide quality custom artwork 


Terms and Conditions

1. I reserve the right to refuse a commission request for any reason. 

2. I reserve the right to cancel an in-progress commission request due to rude/inappropriate language or behavior, limited/poor communication causing significant delay in commission completion, or excessive requests for changes and adjustments beyond a reasonable manner (more than three major changes after beginning painting). 

3. Client agrees that any reference photos provided do not contain copyrighted material or IP, unless explicitly stated with no expectation for me to directly reproduce or duplicate. 

4. Payment is to be made via e-transfer to, PayPal here, or through a custom product page on my website (allowing for payment using VISA, Mastercard, etc.).  

5. Payment is to be broken into two installments: a 50% payment due prior to beginning the painting commission, and the remaining 50% due upon painting completion and before delivery. All payments are non-refundable. 

6. Commissions are strictly for personal use only unless stated otherwise. Clients are not permitted to sell or redistribute my original work in any form, including physical product, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), online advertising, etc. Use my work for commercial purposes can be arranged for an additional fee, but is not included in initial commission cost. Commissions are strictly for personal use only unless stated otherwise.

7. I reserve the right to use commission design and imagery for promotional purposes, not limited to but including for display on website and social media, unless explicitly requested otherwise by client for personal or other unknown reasons. 

You may contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns about my Terms and Conditions. Please keep in mind they are in place mostly as precaution, (hopefully) not to enforce often, if at all. Thank you! :)