Free Acrylic Painting Tutorials

Since May of 2020, I have been live streaming and uploading recorded footage of step by step acrylic painting tutorials through Twitch and Youtube. My goal with this is to provide accessible artistic instruction, knowledge, and inspiration to those who are looking to start and/or continue exploring painting. To date, I've taught 75+ original paintings to thousands of viewers from around the world. 

Watch Live (Free)

If you want to watch me as I instruct an acrylic painting step by step, you can watch me on Twitch. To be notified when I go live (usually about half an hour before the tutorial begins), I'd recommend making a free Twitch account and following my channel. Tuning in live will allow you to follow along with me and the rest of the viewers, with the ability to type in a chat box to ask questions and interact me while in-between steps. Sometimes viewers come by not to paint, but to watch, relax, or maybe even use the tutorial as encouragement to do something artistic of their own. To find specific tutorial dates and see the upcoming painting designs, check out my Facebook Upcoming Events page or my Twitch Schedule

Next tutorial: Friday March 29th, 5pm PST

Watch Recordings (Free)

After each live stream, I edit and upload a video of the entire step by step acrylic painting tutorial to my Youtube channel. To be notified when I upload a new video, I would recommend subscribing to my channel. I aim to upload a tutorial video a few days after it airs on Twitch, but sometimes days turn into weeks or months depending on what I have going on - I appreciate everyone's patience on this as my intention is to upload all free Twitch tutorials, eventually (lol). 


Supplies for my tutorials always stay the same. I use (at the most):
Acrylic Paint: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White 
Canvas: 16 x 20
Paint Brushes: Large flat, medium round, small round
Misc.: Paint water, paper towel, apron