Volcano Plate

The 'Volcano Plate' was a volcano-shaped pile of paint which I accidentally formed after five years of using the same paper plate over and over again as a paint palette. Essentially a re-usable paint palette gone out of control, the final plate of dried paint weighed in at 5.5 pounds and measured 4.8 inches in height. Being so thick and having a dense rubbery texture, splitting open this hunk of acrylic paint was no easy feat. It took about an hour and many breaks to make one consistent cut, using a hacksaw live on my Twitch stream.

The cut has given us a unique view of inside the plate - the countless stacked colours, changing layer by layer, waving and varying in thickness throughout the core. Now, to allow others to enjoy the beauty of this five year old relic, I have split half of the volcano plate into smaller pieces offered in various forms: sliced/raw, coated with a glossy resin and fashioned into a keychain, and one solid paper-weight 'chonk'. 

The remaining untouched half of the volcano plate can be seen in the backdrop of my Twitch stream, propped up in a shelving unit. :)