Step by Step Acrylic Painting Tutorials

Ticketed Private Tutorials

Connect virtually with your group while learning how to paint a painting, step by step, through Zoom or the preferred video conferencing platform of your choice. Perfect for social work events, team building, birthday parties, or just for fun! Choose your date and time, pick a painting, and contact me when you're ready to book.

Free Live Tutorials

Join in with viewers from around the world on Twitch, where I instruct step by step acrylic painting tutorials of my original paintings every last Sunday of the month at 7pm EST. To find specific tutorial dates and see the upcoming painting designs, check out my Facebook Upcoming Events page or my Twitch Schedule

Next tutorial: TBD.

Free Recorded Tutorials

I have over 75 different step by step acrylic painting tutorials currently available on my Youtube channel. These are raw recordings of previous free painting tutorial live streams (above). 


Supplies for my tutorials always stay the same. I use (at the most):
Acrylic Paint: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White 
Canvas: 16 x 20
Paint Brushes: Large flat, medium round, small round
Misc.: Paint water, paper towel, apron